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How To Read Reversed Tarot Court Cards

If a court card coming up in a Tarot reading can present a reader with a tummy-flipping moment of panic, then interpreting a reversed court card can engender a fully-fledged head-between-the-knees (your own, silly!) brace position.
But it needn’t be so!

Any card coming up as a reversal is basically calling your name and telling you to pay special attention to it.  Why does it need your attention? Well, because it means that the interpretation of the card won’t be straightforward.

The most common ways to interpret any reversed card are:

1  The information is the exact opposite of what you would usually say
     (perfectly reasonable place for a beginner to start from, I think – but a bit like using a sledgehammer
     to crack a nut as far as sophistication goes!)
2  The message from the card is unbalanced – too much of the energy or not enough.
3  The card’s information is delayed or blocked.
4  The card’s energies are somehow perverted or twisted out of shape.

And there are LOTS of other ways to interpret a reversed card (for the last Glasgow Tarot Meetup group I thought I’d provide ’10 Ways to interpret a reversed card’ and came up with 11 for the hand-out. So I had to make one of them 10a and the last one 10b.  I am inventive.  I am the Queen of Wands :-D)

With a court card you get another two options – which I think are REALLY useful.

Let’s think about the elements that we tend to use in Western Tarot: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Fire and Air are 🙂
Water and Earth are 🙂               (friendly)

Fire and Water are 🙁
Earth and Air are 🙁                   (not friendly)

Fire and Earth are 😐
Water and Air are 😐                  (neutral)

Got that?  OK, Let’s take the King of Pentacles:

Elementally, he is Fire of Earth.  The Kingly fire partners up with the practicality of Earth and we have someone who is incredibly level-headed,  got lots of practical skills, materially successful, knows what to do to Get Nice Things in life etc.

Now, here’s the first thing that you can do with a reversed court card:


Instead of Fire of Earth, he is now Earth of Fire. Gone is the maturity of the King and in its place is the Beginner Mind of the Page of Wands.  So the King of Pentacles, when reversed, can mean what the Page of Wands means rightsides up.  You follow?

The second thing that you can do with a reversed court card is:


Sticking with our King of Pentacles example, we have Fire and Earth.

The exact opposite element of Fire is Water and the exact opposite element for Earth is Air.  So you can interpret the reversed King of Pentacles just as you would the Queen of Swords!

What do you think?

BTW – There’s PLENTY more of this stuff in my forthcoming e-book on working with the court cards. Excited? Are you? ARE YOU?!

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