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Up Your Own Yang With The Saggo Moon

So i got a really complicated essay-email from a Sagittarius guy a few months ago – he thought when i used the word “Yang”, i was referring (somehow) to the term Yoni. And so cue a “fresh translation” of the Kama Sutra as it pertains to Moon Cycles. I think there may have been some biodynamic Dream Weed involved on his part.  The other day someone sent me an email with the term “Zeus Juice” in there – i am on a roll.

Anyway the Zap Zone rolls on – have you heard about the “holy grail” gas deal between Russia and China set to alter geopolitics forever (?) along with the rest of it, of course –  but it is a Sagittarius Moon Weekend!  We have more Yang/Fire/Rad Candor/Pro-active super-humanly relaxed and yet productive vibes to speed our momentum.

I LOVE the Sagittarius Moon…I think it is magic.  More so since mid-2013 and until July with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Cancer/Kataka (ruler of the Moon) – get it?  It’s called “mutual reception” which sounds like something off the menu off a high class brothel but basically it just means that the Moon in Saggo is even more beneficial and cosmically aligned than usual. It’s good.

Archery Tip Du Jour That You Can Translate To Life: A faster bow is harder to draw.

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