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Outer-Planet Peeps: Are You One Of Them?

If you ever look at old astro books, that work only on then-known inner planets, you’ll see they essentially categorize people according to these types. Not only that, the Sun, Moon and inner planets sort of follow quite distinct polarities.

Sun and Moon – Yang and Yin, Male and Female.   Mercury is a Hermaphrodite. True.  Venus and Mars – Yin and Yang/Female and Male…obviously. Jupiter is surely Yin and Saturn mega-Yang.  And you have your very Jupiter-types (Jovial) and then the Saturn ones who are best described as Saturnine.

There are Mars (warrior-sporting heroes-actors playing heroic roles) peeps and Venus (super-mods, actresses chanelling Venusian archetypes) and so on.

They are all familiar.  Re the Yin-Yang thing. You ideally do both. How weird that it is a compliment to be told you have a Sunny disposition but that the Moon has been relegated to “loonie” and/or the slightly less batty “mooning about.”

So there is that and then of course there are the Outer Planets: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto – they’re named after male Gods of the ancient times but honestly, i’ve read fantastic arguments for each and every one of them being neither gender and not even so linked to the Gods of myth that they are named after. eg; Uranus is more like Prometheus in action.

Whole books have been written about this stuff – see some of the ones i like in the Amazon book reccie thing on the left – but for the sake of today: lots of people don’t have much outer planet energy going on in their charts. Yes they might have Pluto – say – in Libra but so does their entire generation. So you actually do have a hell of a lot of  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars etc types fanging about the place.

But SOME people are Outer Planet Peeps. This is when Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is totally transmitting through you by being attached to one of the inner, personal planets.  So anyone of these Outer Planets conjunct (let’s just ignore the other aspects for now, conjunct means right next to, less than five degrees) Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus means your are an Outer Planet Person. Ditto on your Ascendent or Midheaven.

You’re out-there, you’ve got moxy, you’re channelling something other-worldly every time you try to have a relationship, write a letter, get laid, make money etc. You’re both super-ancient and of the future. It takes a while to grow into being an Outer Planet Person…It’s intense, weird and magic.


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