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So My SO And I Have Been Trying To Concieve For 7 Months With No Luck So Far...During The Month Of

So my SO and I have been trying to concieve for 7 months with no luck so far...during the month of October I ovulated the 18th and had sex on and off throughout the peak of me being fertile. haven't gotten my period for the month of November in fact I'm 2 days late. I woke up with spotting pinkish brownish and I don't want to say for sure if I could be pregnant. I know pregnancy is different for everyone. just some insight on other moms experience with this kind of stuff. I have 3 girls and every pregnancy was completely different. it's been 4 years and I just don't know what to think. I have no other symptoms just that my boobs feel a little fuller and I woke up queasy today!

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  • Juana Sanchez

    Juana Sanchez

    2019-12-03 17:06:09

    I've also been having more discharge than usual

  • Tabytha St Jean

    Tabytha St Jean

    2019-12-04 14:44:23

    i have colostrum coming out of my boobs and brownish blood... but still negative. still before my AF is suppose to be here. terrified something is wrong. doctors apt at 1130. i hope you get your christmas gift every trying mother deserves! best of luck and lots of prayers for you xoxo

  • Amber Choi

    Amber Choi

    2019-12-08 18:54:29

    I came on my period December 2 but was off December 4. It’s usually lasts for 7 days. By the second day it was pink when I wiped. I have been having headache, and peeing a lot more. Could I be pregnant.

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