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Is There An Astrological Signature For Energy Vampires?

Dear Mystic,

i see a lot of talk about Love Zombies on this site – not complaining 😆 – but less so about Qi Vampires, apart from in the Horoscopes. Your Qi Vampire Alerts are crazy accurate BUT i have realized recently that i used to be a Qi Vampire. I had a particularly bad example of one in my life and around that last Full Moon Eclipse, it all came to a head and i had to just end the whole association.

It had gotten to the point that 95% of our dialogue was about her and i was racing out of important meetings to talk her down about her washing machine crisis. Or that she was emotional because of some cooked up crisis. She owed me money. She owed me time. She was constantly being “familiar” in a way that was actually really really creepy.

It is a long story but what came with my Pluto transit was that this is how i USED to behave.  I would see people that had something i wanted and try to force-feed myself into their lives.

Hideously, i can now see that i once operated on a 24-7 automatic drama setting and made insane demands of nearly everyone around me. If they were not met straight away, i would freak and set about trying to make the other person feel an appropriate amount of guilt.

I think Qi Vampires – like Love Zombies – have no idea of how awful they are being and that you cannot understand it till later, after they have recovered.  Now i am so aware of not being that person that i err on the other side – being really respectful of boundaries.

My question: is there an astrological signature for Qi Vampires – I am Sagittarius with Neptune on my Sun and Pisces Rising – and is there any officially good way to handle them or recognize if you are being one and pull yourself out? Could we 12 Step this?

Sagittarius Qi Vampire In Recovery

Dear Sagittarius Qi Vampire In Recovery,

I think you have hit on the answer within your question – as Sagittarians tend to do!  A Pluto transit is an epic “cure” for any form of subconscious driven behavior – be it Zombie or Vampire.  Likewise, Saturn – the Delusion Buster. Combine the two with a double whammy Saturn-Pluto transit and voila – the spell is broken. The feathers fall off. The eyes open. As the beautiful but sombre Theodore Roethke poem goes, In a dark time the eye begins to see.

Chaos Addiction is, of course, one of the key symptoms of both Love Zombies and Qi Vampires. In the case of the first, the very simple case of “not that into you” gets spun into a vast epic saga spanning lifetimes and continents, complete with some simple homie being recast as Lancelot or whatever.

In the case of our Qi Vampires, their every basic incompetence or usual life condition becomes your problem. Not only that but they slither into your life like something slimy from another dimension oozing through the thin crack under your door at night while you sleep your lucid dreams.

This is going to sound really random but you know how you put a line of salt across your threshold for protection – i think that “accidents” occur with salt when you have a Qi Vampire in your life. I have always dropped salt shakers or had the top fall off so the whole bottle empties onto a plate or something strange with salt when that sort of energy is around.

Salt is the most basic way to perform a quick spiritual cleanse. Even more effective when combined with a smudging but you just fling salt around and then vacuum it up.  So far as self-diagnosis of Qi Vampery goes, i am not sure.

What does everyone else think?  Salt? Symptoms? Cures? Stories? Indicators?

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