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So, For Anyone Curious About TSS I Thought I'D Let You In On A Story. On May 21st, I Was With My

So, For anyone curious about TSS I thought I'd let you in on a story. On May 21st, I was with my family and I went to bend down. I had a scorching pain down above my "private area", and when I felt it, I noticed my lymph nodes were swollen. I ignored it because I thought it was just my period (I was on my period). Fast forward to May 23rd (Wednesday), and I had a super aggressive head ache, I was dizzy, and had a fever of 102.5. This was when I suspected I had TSS, but because it was night time, I decided to wait till the next day to go to the doctor. The next day I woke up with a rash all over my hands, and by noon the rash had spread across my chest. It was super itchy. I went to the pediatrician (I'm 13), and they said it was probably just "staff infection?" (if that's how you spell it), and that they'd give me an antibiotic. I went home and took a nap but when I woke up the rash had covered my body, my throat was swollen, and it was unbearably itchy. My mom rushed me to the ER and after multiple blood and vaginal tests, the next day (May 31st) I was diagnosed with TSS. The doctors told me that if I had been an hour late to the ER I would've died. My kidneys had already began to shut down, along with the rest of my body and I was put on K-flex (the strongest antibiotic) because bacteria had spread through out my whole body. This all happened because of a tampon that I left in for 10+ hours. So if you think you have TSS, don't wait. It has a 95% fatality rate and if not helped ASAP can leave you infertile :(. #TSS #PeriodTalk

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  • Lailah Carolina

    Lailah Carolina

    2019-12-09 03:22:30

    wish all the best to you

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