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Ever Since Mercury Got Into Gemini…

Ever since Mercury got into Gemini at the start of May, i have been living in a hotel, dealing with the vagaries of outsider wi-fi having been used to my insanely high-speed, million windows at once, who-gives a fuq awesome cable and technically between homes. New neighborhood, fresh gossip, info flow and well – I am incubating.

Obviously i would like to get back to base a.s.a.p – you have probably noticed the frequency of blog posts is way lower = and i will. But who else has noticed how Mercury in Gemini (till July) is coaxing a fresh thought process?  The extra OOMPH of this process comes from the growing new theme of 2015/2016 – the Weirding – Saturn in Saggo square Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter in Virgo is just going to make it exquisite.

Strategy Ideas for Mercury Retro mid-May until mid-June:  Go stealth, the way top-level spies do. You don’t telegraph your movements. You don’t explain. You think “solo mission” – your best information comes from the stray wisdom of strangers. You’re not going to get what you want by tapping into the normal grid of society.

In ancient military schools – yes Mars is also going into Gemini to ride alongside the Mercury Retrograde – it is a feigned retreat. Nobody else has to know you already burned the bridge. You’re in Stealth Mode. This is not going to be an ordinary Mercury Retrograde. Not with the Mars involvement.

Check the Sun Tzu option of the Oracle AND your Scopes.

More soon.

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