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‘KUWTK’: Kris Jenner Gets Into A Coffin & Plays Dead

On the Aug. 19 episode of ‘KUWTK,’ Kris takes Khloe and Kim to the cemetery to pick out their burial plots but her daughters are totally mortified when she climbs into a coffin and pretends to be dead!

Kris Jenner is absolutely obsessed with death! On the Aug. 20 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris decides that it’s time for the family to plan their funerals. She wants the flowers, coffins and even the food picked out now!

Kris, Kim and Khloe Kardashian go around the cemetery on a golf cart and are really excited to decide where their final resting place will be. But when Kris goes crazy when picking out the coffins, the kids get totally freaked out.

Kris gets into the coffin, plays dead and totally freaks out her kids. Rob Kardashian is so upset that he gets a tattoo of his mom on his arm. Keep in mind, they lost their father Robert Kardashian when they were growing up to cancer.

Meanwhile, Mason‘s fish dies and Khloe and Kim try to replace it without Mason knowing. But Mason eventually figures it out and is much more capable of dealing with death than they thought. But Kim gets her feelings hurt when Kourtney decides that in the event of her death, that Khloe will take care of Mason.

Kris apologizes to the family for going overboard, but she still wants the burial plot to be over-the-top. She even hopes there will be a special Kardashian cemetery tour!

— Chloe Melas

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