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#PeriodTalk #PregnancyDiary I Had Took A Test About 1 And Half Weeks Ago And It Said Negative But

#PeriodTalk #PregnancyDiary I had took a test about 1 and half weeks ago and it said negative but I'm still late and idk what to do should I take another or just wait to see if I get my period andim scared because I'm only 15

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  • Francesca Delgrosso

    Francesca Delgrosso

    2019-12-09 07:16:47

    don't worry

  • Imara Clark

    Imara Clark

    2019-12-09 08:13:15

    It’s common to be late during this time I was too

  • God’s chosen

    God’s chosen

    2019-12-09 16:14:06

    Are you sexual active

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