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Story Timeeeee- So About The End Of 6th Grade I Started My Period ( Me Not Knowing Yet) I Was

story timeeeee- so about the end of 6th grade I started my period ( me not knowing yet) I was randomly in my second class and I sneezed very hard and I felt gushing between my legs ( I thought I literally peed myself) lucky I already had my hoodie around my waist but I looked down and it was bad so I asked to use the bathroom secretly hiding my phone in my back pocket ( also hoping the " pee" didn't go through my hoodie) when I reached the bathroom I first check my self and that's when I saw blood I got so scared I thought I was dying 😂 but i called my mom panicking and I told her that blood was all over my pants and her reaction was " awwww you started your period" like uhm what do u mean"aww" like no, I told her just to hurry and pick me up and she really did rush I was glad ( I hid my pants with my hoodie the time I waited) time skip to later that night after I got out the shower, ME BEING STUPID NOT KNOWING ABOUT PERIODS PUT A F*CKING TAMPON IN! and ofc I went to sleep, welp we all knows what happens next.. Early in the morning @6 ish I woke up and it looked like somebody got murdered ( my flow was heavy and my blankets and sheets were white) I woke up my mom and she got up and washed my blankets while I was in the shower again and she got a towel in the dryer for me when I got out and she let me skip school that day...- yea that's my period story I know it's alot, thank you for reading from Anonymous 💕

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I'm 13 yea ik I'm young but intelligent

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