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Just Realised I Never Had A Track Photo With Kenan On Here

Just realised I never had a track photo with Kenan on here.
I have always felt that during training, I don't want to do anything else (i.e. photos can wait. Seriously. My track photos are usually meant for reviews if it's from me hence the different bikes you see on my page) but improve my laptimes and riding. To me, training is training. Everything else can wait. The track is my zen, it's my nirvana. Nothing or no one affects me when I'm practicing. I don't know why the track makes me feel this way, but circuit riding has always been my constant. Even if my personal life or anything else is going horribly topsy turvy, I am able to automatically compartmentalize and displace everything as soon as I get out on track. One other fact is that the circuit is enclosed and a controlled environment; a lot of locals here still don't believe in it and rather go to canyons (I have noted once that motorsport is still new to us & the awareness of safety is rather small) but I have always preferred the circuit. I used to commute daily for 2-3 years before I discovered the track and after I did, I realised how dangerous public road riding can be. And don't forget I live in Asia, getting through traffic means that you MUST ride like someone is trying to kill you. I never worry about these things at the circuit. I can push it to the limit, no cops, no red lights, animals, pedestrians or reckless car drivers. No, I'm not trying to convert anyone but what I'm saying is you should try it once in your life at least 😊 I promise it is not what you might assume it is. I'm always so happy when someone DMs me saying they want to try it and keeps me updated or even those willing to come see me practice. Not because of anything else but because it means they will finally understand why I love it so much.
Photo by the great Razif Sangit.

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