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New Sex Position? Get Our Tips!

There are literally hundreds of different sex positions. They range from easy to really difficult and requiring a lot of flexibility and strength. Do you need to be able to perform them all? Nope! It can be good to experiment with new positions because it can add some new interest or new sensations. You will never know when you’ll find something that really works for you and your partner and contributes to the intensity of sex but you need to be prepared for the fact that there may be a few flops too. That’s the thing about experimenting!

So how can you have more positive experiences when experimenting?

Get some tips on the new position. When you’re looking at trying a new position, chances are there is some source that can give you a bit more information and tips about it. This could be online or in a book you pick up or maybe from a good friend. More difficult positions can be made easier by little things like best ways to get into the position or even different ways to move your hips or legs to maximize the sensation the position can give you and your partner. It’s always good to see what other successes or struggles other people have faced trying the same thing.

Stretch beforehand! It may seem silly to stretch before sex but sex is a form of exercise. A lot of muscles get used in ways that they aren’t utilized normally. A new position may cause you to tense or stress a muscle beyond its normal range of motion. The last thing you want during sex is for a muscle to freeze up, Charlie horse, or result in injury. Warming up your body and doing some stretching before trying a new position can help reduce any chance of discomfort or injury.

Go in with good humor. You don’t have to expect something to go badly but make sure to keep the communication with your partner open and relaxed. If the new position isn’t working out, you don’t want the failed attempt to totally spoil the mood. It doesn’t have to be the end of your sexy time. If you and your partner are willing to roll with it and laugh if it doesn’t work out, you can move onto another position. Keeping the mood light also helps with checking in with your partner after to see how they felt about your experimenting time. Good communication is the key to better sex!

Looking for more information on sex positions? Check out what tips we currently have available! What positions have worked out for you and your partner?

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