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(It Wouldnt Let Me Post Without A Pic, Sorry) I Just Started Bc 2 Days Ago (Pill) And My Hubs And I

(it wouldnt let me post without a pic, sorry) I just started bc 2 days ago (pill) and my hubs and I had unprotected sex (he did not pull out 😅) anyone possibly know what my chances of getting pregnant are gonna look like? Please help lol I'm nervous and a little scared

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  • Mariam Mailo

    Mariam Mailo

    2019-12-17 04:03:03

    well umm it's hard to say, but you said he didn't pull out you'd better take morning-after pill if you don't want to get pregnant

  • Savannah Wagner

    Savannah Wagner

    2019-12-19 16:49:05

    I'm not able to afford the morning after pill, but no worries there. Weve talked it over and decided if I do happen to get pregnant, we're gonna do our best to enjoy this pregnancy more than the first because my pregnancy with my daughter was so stressful thanks to TennCare 🙄

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