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I Used To Use Filters And Try To Be Someone I Wasn'T. I Deleted All Those Pictures. I'Ve Accepted

I used to use filters and try to be someone I wasn't. I deleted all those pictures. I've accepted myself as I am because I only have one life and can't be anyone else. This year has been a journey, I've been through a lot mentally and physically, But it has made me a strong person. I'm very thankful for my body. #LunarBeauty

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  • Nasara Gideon

    Nasara Gideon

    2019-12-18 06:10:56

    Yes!! You don't need any filter to make yourself beautiful! You're amazing already~

  • Serenity Af

    Serenity Af

    2019-12-18 06:59:57

    thank you :)

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