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Hey I'M 14 Yrs Old And I Haven'T Had My Period Yet And This App Tells Me I'M 18 Days Late. I Took A

Hey I'm 14 yrs old and I haven't had my period yet and this app tells me I'm 18 days late. I took a PT on the 9th and it came back negative. And lately I've been feeling sick, dizziness, mood swings, heart burn, metallic taste, when I eat I feel bloated but still hungry, cramps, craving, hard time breathing, use the bathroom more often, and I know this is TMI but I also been feeling more gassy lately and my nipples have been itchy. What should I do and if I am pregnant what should I tell my mom? #scared #pregnantquestions

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    2019-12-18 08:54:48

    also tenderness on the breasts

  • alicia Claiborne

    alicia Claiborne

    2019-12-18 13:46:22

    o honey yes tell your mother. she may be upset but you should not handle this alone. good luck

  • Norma Madeo

    Norma Madeo

    2019-12-19 09:46:25

    And yes, just tell your mom, let the one who loves you most help you figure out what it is.

  • Eve R

    Eve R

    2019-12-22 06:07:01


  • Abigail Lumley

    Abigail Lumley

    2019-12-24 02:50:55

    You could be sick. Also if you are on any form of birth control then you could just not have your period for months at a time because birth control stops the egg from being released so there's no need for a period. You should talk to your mom if you have a strong relationship with her.

  • Jasmine Gray

    Jasmine Gray

    2019-12-23 20:10:30

    hey baby girl listen to be honest i was 15 when i found out i was pregnant i had taken over 7 pee test that all came out negitive so then i got a blood test and thats when i officially knew i was 15 and pregnant it wasnt easy for me to tell my parents cuz i was adopted and we didnt really get along but i did anyways and i was so glad i did

  • Jasmine Gray

    Jasmine Gray

    2019-12-24 07:34:07

    you have to understand your parents love u they might be disappointed at first yes but most parents accept it in the long run

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