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9 Effective Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

9 Effective Ways To Improve Your Mental Health : Mental health is a stigma that we need to remove from our society, and this can be achieved only by talking about it. Every third person today is dealing with mental trauma, in one form or the other. More often than not, they are not paid attention to or not considered an issue.

However, in order to lead a healthy life, mental well being is as important as the physical well being. Here are 9 ways that will contribute to a strong and healthy mind. Take the guide:

  1. Keep A Journal

    Sometimes, writing about positive, happy memories changes the mood from dull to content. There are many things in life that we’re grateful or thankful for, but never really talked about them, writing here helps because while writing, you’re putting our thoughts into words and hence, forming a clear opinion about certain situations and things.

  1. Exercise

    A healthy body is a secret to a healthy mind. 15 minutes of meditation in the morning will be refreshing and beneficial. Even dancing can be considered as an exercise. It is not only fun, but dancing also reduces stress hormones. So dance away, like nobody’s watching.

  1. Healthy Green Food

    Avoid oily, fatty, processed food. A glass of vegetable juice in the morning is way better than a cup of coffee. Drink green tea when you are craving some drink. It’s not only healthy, but you also feel good and light about yourself.

  1. Sleep Well

    Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is good for a person’s both mental and physical health. Sleep pattern and requirement may vary for various age groups. Electronic devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, television shouldn’t be used before sleeping, as it disrupts sleep. Sleeping on time and under good circumstances reduces stress levels and anxiety which in turn will bring you mental peace.

  1. Stay Positive

    It might seem difficult at times but always try to remain positive. Talk to people and let your inner thoughts out. Do not forget to show love to others and smile often. Research shows that people with a positive approach are less likely to be depressed or anxious.

  1. Spend Quality Time With Friends And Family

    Even if you are shy and introverted, and like being alone, spending time with your family and friends can never be a wrong decision. They are the ones who know you best and love you the most. Spending time with them is also appreciative of the fact that they’ve been there for you and have stood by your side when required.

  1. Self-Care

    Self-care is the most important way to improve your mental health. Take some time off your busy routine, cook a good meal, watch good movies, have a spa day, take your dog for a walk. It can be anything; doing something that gives you immense happiness is self-care. Having a small garden in your balcony can be a good stress buster when you are watering flowers and taking care of them. Even if you’re having a busy day, you can order flowering plants online, and it’ll be delivered at your doorstep and give a refreshing start to the day.

  1. Move At Your Own Pace

    You have a lot of time. You can do this slowly, at your pace in the best way possible. You shouldn’t compare yourself to someone else and follow their path. Their path might seem very bright and rewarding but you aren’t them, and they aren’t you. Every person is a master of their own will and talents. You’ll eventually reach your goal. All you need is hard work and patience.

  1. Seek Help, When Required

    Accepting your mental health is the first step towards improving it. Now, the issue is more openly talked about. Talk about your problems and the issues you’re finding hard to deal with, to a counselor or someone whom you can trust. Never ever shy away from seeking help.

These are some of the ways which can be followed by everyone but different issues require different treatment. Stressing about something is not going to make it any better. It will only increase the anxiety levels. Hence, just take a deep breath because it’s okay, you’ll be fine.

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