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I Need Some Help Ladies I'M Suppose To Start My Period Today But Yesterday It Felt Like I Got Hit

I need some help ladies I'm suppose to start my period today but yesterday it felt like I got hit my a mack truck with what I think Is the commen cold but last week I was so tired after going to two Christmas parts one for my husband side and one for my dads side and I was so worn out I need some help I swear I see a faint linehelp me out. Note: I've been having this feeling to take one. what do you see?

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  • Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez

    2019-12-24 07:47:43

    Take another test tomorrow

  • Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez

    2019-12-23 23:47:57

    I see two lines

  • Diesel girl

    Diesel girl

    2019-12-23 23:54:09

    i am pregnant i went to the doctor's and I'm 4 weeks. Christmas I'll be 5 weeks ❤

  • Lex Duran

    Lex Duran

    2019-12-24 00:35:01

    Very faint line.

  • Keturah Williams

    Keturah Williams

    2019-12-24 01:20:49

    You pregnant boo

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-24 06:43:02

    I would wait a few more days then test again. but I do see a faint line

  • Rose Chace

    Rose Chace

    2019-12-24 06:53:40

    I see two but wait a day or two

  • bree keys

    bree keys

    2019-12-24 10:53:05

    I see a second line retest n a few days

  • Rachel


    2019-12-24 11:38:15

    your period wont be arriving this month...thats a positive,congrats...retest to see darker

  • Nesha


    2019-12-24 14:23:21

    Definitely a faint line which means early stage of pregnancy ❤️🥰

  • Lèia _Brand

    Lèia _Brand

    2019-12-25 00:23:18

    Use a clearblue pregnancy digital and rapid test buy it from target then you will be sure!

  • Zae&Jiji Johnson

    Zae&Jiji Johnson

    2019-12-26 09:01:22

    congratulations love

  • Timberly Lozano

    Timberly Lozano

    2019-12-26 02:09:49

    take another test in a few days .. good luck

  • Isabel Martinez

    Isabel Martinez

    2019-12-26 03:52:18

    tbh I see a faint line boo retake the test in a few days

  • God’s chosen

    God’s chosen

    2019-12-26 20:40:04


  • Tiffany


    2020-01-02 04:48:03

    I see it but retest in a few days! congratulations!!! ❤

  • Carmel El

    Carmel El

    2020-01-03 01:48:59

    Congratulations I see a faint 🥰

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