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6 Guys Share The Things They’ll Never Do Before Sex Again

There are some things guys do without fail before sex, like give ourselves a pep talk. But, occasionally, we color way outside the lines of our sexual routines and end up bombing in the bedroom.

After learning those sex lessons the hard way, these guys were brave enough to share their failures with the world.

Behold: Six guys explain the things they'll never, ever (ever!) do again before getting down. 

"I used to drink a lot before sex, and it was fine, but then I got old. Now I can't perform if I'm drunk. Early on in the night, my girlfriend has to tell me to not drink too much, which means we're going to do it later." —David S.

"I was about to hook up with this girl, and she asked me if I had a condom. And, for some reason, I didn't. I went on a condom-finding mission that took more than 30 minutes. When I got back to her place, she was asleep and didn't hear me buzzing her apartment. So I walked home." —Robert F.

"I’ve learned to not shave my junk too close to sex time. One time I shaved my pubes, and the friction from sex along with the sweat stung really, really bad." —Ascher R.

"Once, I stopped mid-sex to go take a pee and it completely killed the sexual momentum. Plus, peeing with a boner doesn't feel good. Now, I always pee before I have sex—even if I don’t feel like I have to go." —Scott P.

"I’m never taking a Viagra before sex again—at least not until I need it. When I tried it, it felt cool for a while; my boner was bigger and harder. But it wouldn't go down even after I got off. It was scary." —Kevin F.

"One time I smoked weed before I had sex, and I became hyper-sensitive to everything. I pulled out and kept saying, 'I can’t do this, I can’t do this.' Luckily, the girl I was with was really understanding. But, yeah, not doing that again." —Tim H.

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