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Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Are THE Touchiest Couple Ever

1Nicole and Keith's relationship is a legit dream come true.

The first thing Orbuch picks up on is how the lack of space between Keith and Nicole shows how strong their connection is. There's nothing getting in between these two, so don't even try.

Nicole's subtle smile and eye contact with the camera is her way of telling onlookers how proud she is to be with Keith. Meanwhile, Keith's closed-eyes-smile situation "is telling us he is in dreamland," says Orbuch. "He doesn't care about the camera or anything else around him. He is just happy to be with Nicole and elated to be sitting with her." (I mean, I would be, too.)

2This couple practically invented red-carpet PDA.

Some might call this a play for the cameras, but if you ask Orbuch "they both have their eyes closed to soak in the romance and love between them."

And, once again, they're holding each other close—Keith's arms are on Nicole's waist and her hands are on Keith's face (in case you couldn't see that from a mile away). That communicates that they've given all of themselves to each other—and they want everyone to know it. (Whelp, message received.)

3Keith is Nicole's biggest fan.

Keith adores Nicole, and—from the look on her face alone—you can tell she's certainly not mad about it. According to Orbuch, Keith is showing Nicole off "and allowing her to attract all the attention." He's letting her shine (one of the many things she does best), while still reminding her of his unwavering support by kissing her hand and facing toward her.

Nicole, on the other hand, has an eye on her doting husband while facing toward the cameras, so they can capture not just her but her loving hubs.

4And she's only got eyes for him.

"This time, we see Nicole giving Keith the limelight and recognition," explains Orbuch.

In this snap, Nicole is clearly proud of who Keith is and feels fortunate to have had him as a partner for 13 years (and counting). Plus, getting sidetracked while you're being photographed because your partner takes your breath away is nothing short of swoon-worthy.

5Nicole makes Keith feel needed.

This photo, my heart. Once again, this couple has carved out an intimate moment for themselves in a public space—and they're showing no signs of stopping.

Nicole's strong grip around Keith's neck is her way of telling Keith that "he's important to her," says Orbuch. "She wants him to know that she needs him." Plus, she adds, his strong stance demonstrates that Keith loves being there for Nicole. Beyond that, he's proud to know (and show the world) that his partner trusts him fully.

6Being super mushy is just their default.

Orbuch is very into this cozy situation that took place during an on-air interview between the couple and Jimmy Fallon. After all, "couples who are unhappy don't sit on one another and aren't close physically like they are." (Yup, that checks out.)

Orbuch loves how comfy Keith and Nicole look here—"almost like it is an everyday thing," which, considering the other photos in the bunch, seems believable. This position offers a peek into their romantic life behind closed doors, which Orbuch says is in super-good shape. Heh, no kidding.

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