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Find Out About Your Destiny Through Your Fate Line

The fate line is believed to reveal the physical, mental and financial events that happen in our lives.

In palmistry, the fate line can reveal what will be the important trends in our life.

It is the vertical straight line that starts from the centre base of the hand and runs towards the Mount of Saturn which divides the palm into two halves.

According to palmistry, there are six varieties of fate lines found on the palm.

Check out what your destiny holds in store for you as per your fate line.

If The Fate Line Is Not Visible

Those who do not have visible fate line can learn about their future by considering other lines of the palm. These individuals are generally self-made people.

If Your Fate Line Is Broken

If your fate line is broken, then it indicates danger. If there is a breakage in a fate line, it means that the individual might face an accident at a certain point of time. These individuals need to be careful most of the times.

If You Have A Zig Zag Fate Line

Having a zig-zag fate line on your palm suggests that you might experience many ups and downs in your life. You will become successful only after overcoming the problems and conflicts of your life.

If You Have A Divided Fate Line

If you have a divided fate line that splits into two parts and if it creates a ‘y' shaped structure, then it indicates that you might suffer from confusion and contradiction in personality. There are chances that you might be indecisive as your fate lines may not let you make a firm decision in life.

If You Have A Light Fate Line

If you have a light fate line in your hand, then it means that you may have to undergo many difficulties and failures in life. There are times when you will also feel hopeless, but be strong as you would fight all odds.

If You Have A Deep Fate Line

If you have a deep fate line, it indicates that you might be lucky regarding getting paternal wealth. You are a lucky person concerning money matter. Elders play a vital role in your success.

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