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How Many Horses Do You See? Your Answer Will Reveal A Surprising Part Of Your Personality

Personality tests may seem trivial but what most don’t know is that there is a lot of truth to them. In most case, they are based on actual psychological studies that make extensive use of visuals and images to analyze the nature of a person. Such tests first started appearing in the twenties when they were used as a method for selecting military personnel. Today such tests are used in a variety of applications from clinical psychology to aptitude tests. Here is one such similar test and it has been made a fin way to present to you, so enjoy it.

What the images below seek to do

There are many ways to approach a situation in life which affects your decisions be they impulsive or well thought out ones. Such decisions could have a positive or negative effect on you. Perception is very important and it is your intuitions and assumptions as well as your judgment that combines to make decisions and which reflect your personality.

How many horses do you see?

In the figure below, there are several horses superimposed in the picture. Now it depends that you may see one or two horses. You might even see more than that. So whatever you see, just note down the answer and then read below what it says about your personality.

One horse

If you see just one horse, it could mean that you aren’t all that observant and you look at the surface picture most of the time. Your judgments and opinions could also be influenced by what you see at first glance too. Small things don’t worry you all that much either and you are among those people who make fast and quick decisions.

You see things as a whole

The advantages of your type of thinking are the non-individuality where you see things more of a whole and believe that everything is part of the larger picture which makes you think and value the strength and benefits of teamwork and unity. This is what makes you a good team leader or team player because you listen to other people’s ideas and opinions too while providing honest deductions and thoughts to them.

You visualize things and see the true meaning

You’re a person with the ability to visualize things beyond their true meaning sometimes. If you bet on something’s success, you make sure you get it done. You have a way of looking at things differently but that doesn’t make you self-centered. You try to keep your facts straight, so it’s hard for anyone to make you believe something that you don’t. You also don’t easily lose debates. You’re a person who believes in hunches and doesn’t care what people think about you.

Between 5 to 10 horses

If you saw 5 – 10 horses then you are that type of person who always takes things seriously and you give your best to every situation you face at work or home. You strive to be a perfectionist and have a practical mind which makes you very reasonable. You are also focused on your tasks and duties at work.

You don’t face difficulties

You never face difficulties in achieving your targets and goals that you may be setting for yourself. Sometimes though you could be sloppy and that does not go well with your image as a perfectionist. But, on the other hand, it’s ok to let go sometimes and you most probably have realized this already.

You have a schedule for everything

You are that kind of person who wants to be anticipated for which is why you maintain a schedule for everything so that everything goes according to plan. You like to repeat things if necessary especially if it is important enough to lead you to your goals. You are also confident and sure of yourself most of the time. You may tend to underestimate things at times and this attitude might lead you to fail sometimes. But because you are who you are your personality doesn’t allow you to get affected too much and you always move forward and onwards.

11 horses or more

If you see 11 horses or more, then it means that you are a highly observant person who thinks things in detail. You can see the finer details that others cannot. When you have a job or task to do, you do it as it should be done keeping attention to detail and do it perfectly. You don’t miss out on the details knowing that it achieves perfection.

You may be obsessed with detail to the point of it slowing you down

You try to make sure everything is in order exactly how you want it but that may be what make you fall behind and miss the bus. You need to do things well enough but not to be too obsessed with unnecessary details.

You are very methodical

You are very methodical when you follow instructions and because of that you achieve excellent results. What you need to know is that the attention to detail which bothers you so much can also be utilized in other types of situations. You aren’t the kind of person to get satisfied with a yes and always want to push yourself to go beyond.

Your stubborn desire for perfection makes you insecure about what the outcome or results may be and the biggest advice to you would be to just go with the flow and don’t take things too seriously.

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