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Our world is forever moving, and the places it takes us are a mixture of beauty, excitement, sadness, joy, and the unexpected. Life wouldn’t balance without a little of each.

I find it best to accept all with a sort of reverence to the bigger picture, which our minds are so often incapable of comprehending in the moment. This week has been a blur of each, as I say goodbye to two of my dearest friends. (no, they didn’t die). Their lives are taking them on beautiful adventures! And I couldn’t be more excited for the new opportunities they’ll experience with a change in work and new surroundings. So proud of you guys… but seriously… did you both have to leave in opposite directions in the same flippin week?? #youleftmeallalone jk I’ll be visiting soon. And to my friends that remain, I’m sorry but you’ll be experiencing an increased dose of me in weeks to follow.

With the addition of fall setting in, I’ll be searching for life’s little comforts. On the east coast, it’s been sunny and 75 during the day, and dropping to the 40’s at night. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than that. Though dressing for it is a new challenge every year. Layers is the solution, so you’ll be seeing a lot of my usual favorites with something big and drapey over the top for the evenings.

I’ve found myself changing my phone covers even more frequently than I change my bags… what used to be there for protection, has morphed into yet another way to express the day’s mood. This one from Wanderer Wanderer somehow makes me feel at home. Why I associate wood with home… not quite sure. Wood stove maybe? Cozy? Songs by the fire?

Decided to mix silver and gold for the first time (told you big changes were happening). And you know what, I like it. All the beautiful stack rings are from Rocksbox. Best. Subscription. Ever. I get to change them out as often as I want! (or in this case keep them indefinitely), I’ve grown attached. They gave me a code so you can all try it for free here! Code: dayinmydreamsxoxo

Many of you have been asking about the results from my Byron Body Teatox, so here’s an update!

Update #1: I am now drinking more beautifully thanks to my Tea Tank. Not only minimal chic, but also the perfect diffuser for tea or fruit water (both of which you can usually find in-hand at any moment in time). This is totally replacing my thermos too btw. Who wants to drink out of metal when you can drink out of glass… just sayin.

Update #2: Still struggling with my constancy of drinking the tea 30 min before meals, but I was a pound light this morning… coincidence? Maybe not. But my favorite part of my Byron Journey has honestly been the taste of the tea. It’s delicious! And if it’s good for me, I’ll continue to drink as often as I think of it.

This skirt + crop. (throws mic on the ground) Enough said. Ok fine I’ll say more. Only because I know you’re in love, so am I. They’re called Hyphen. A brand I recently discovered while scrolling my life away on Instagram. They’re brand new, innovative, and already making waves. A capsule collection of understated pieces, with a lot of thought in the details – ideal for a minimalist’s wardrobe. Did you see the back of this crop? From the geometric cut outs, to the chunky zipper clasp, every inch is deliberate and crafted beautifully.

They’ve already expanded their selection since last I shopped, and pretty sure I’m going to have to snag a couple more pieces. Got this tank as well which you’ll be seeing soon, and currently lusting their new laceup one-piece.

The accessories you’ll rarely see me without: matching iPhone case, stacked rings, and a statement timepiece. This has become a sort of signature combo for me. The timepiece is by Jord. Something about a great watch, to me is the finishing piece – no matter what I’m wearing. It’s more masculine than a delicate bracelet or charms, and that structure creates something interesting and defining. This piece is made from maple wood, and shows a peek at the gears doing the work behind the scenes. It’s truly beautiful. Pretty sure I’ll be shopping for my Dad from them too… (Dad if you’re reading this, please still act surprised).

Time to wrap it up for today, (pun intended) Traveling this week to Alabama with work, will be thinking of you all. Keep in touch! #wethairdontcare

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