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Kanye West Demands Jamie Foxx To Apologize To Bruce Jenner

Jamie Foxx, this year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards host, is catching major heat for his transphobic comments about Bruce Jenner. Now his longtime friend, Kanye West, is telling Jamie he needs to say sorry!

During his opening monologue during the iHeartRadio Music Awards show on March 29, Jamie Foxx, 47, commented about reports that Bruce Jenner, 65,  is taking steps to transition into a woman. The jokes did not sit well with viewers, which immediately created an uproar on social media, causing KUWTK fans to lash out at Jamie on Twitter in Bruce’s defense. Well now, Kanye West, 37, is demanding Jamie to apologize to Bruce, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye West On Jamie Foxx’s Bruce Jenner Jokes: He Demands An Apology

As the hubby of Kim Kardashian, 34,  it’s no surprise that Kanye feels a need to defend the patriarch of his in-laws. He not only wants Jamie to say sorry to Bruce, but to Bruce’s daughters as well.

“Kanye wants Jamie to publicly apologize to Bruce and his daughters,” an insider explains to EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s tight with Jamie but taking jabs at Bruce’s sexuality at an awards show, let alone one for kids, is just wrong.”

Jamie joked that Jenner would be performing during the awards show.

“[He] will be here doing a his and hers duet by himself,” the Annie actor told the audience with a photo of the reality star dad up behind him. “I’m just busting your balls while I still can.”

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Jamie Made A Fool Of Himself, Not Bruce

“[What he said was] not cool whatsoever,” the source adds. “But really Kanye thinks Jamie made a fool of himself, more than a fool of Bruce.”

While Jamie and Bruce have both remained silent on the topic since the jokes were made, Bruce’s son, Burt Jenner, has spoken out against Jamie.

“I think he is just copying Kevin Hart because Kevin Hart is taking all of his movie opportunities,” Burt told TMZ. “He’s copying him, the man is on a roll. And Jamie Foxx is on the way down so you’ve gotta keep your mojo going, he’s gotta copy what’s working.”

Tell us HollywoodLifers — do you think it’s Kanye’s place to step in and get involved with Bruce and Jamie’s new beef?

— Evan Real, Reporting by Sandra Clark

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