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Kris Humphries Fails To Show At Divorce Trial With Kim Kardashian

Kris was no show at his mandatory divorce hearing in Los Angeles on April 12, because he failed to get a flight out of New York in time and the Judge was NOT happy!

Kim Kardashian must be feeling pretty smug right about now, because Kris Humphries did NOT make it to their mandatory divorce hearing on April 12! The Brooklyn Nets player, 28, was stuck in New York this morning, and their divorce hearing was at 8:30 a.m. PT in Los Angeles, so unless he called up Marty McFly to borrow to his Delorian he was never going to make it to the hearing! Read on for all the details.

Kris Humhries Misses Mandatory Divorce Hearing

Kim, 1, Kris, 0.

That is the current score in Kim and Kris’ current nasty divorce battle, because Kris has failed to leave New York in time to make the  hearing, reports TMZ, and Judge Goldberg was pissed!

Kris was at a hotel in NYC at 1a.m. on April 12 looking “extremely upset.” At that point of the night, there were no more flights available to LA. The earliest morning flight to LAX was taking off until 6a.m., which would have got him there in time for the hearing.

Judge Goldberg was pissed, and at the trial he insisted that Kris could have caught a flight, and that he mocked and disrespected the court by not showing. He then set a sanction hearing which means Kris may face some heavy fines for failing to arrive.

Pregnant Kim made it to the settlement in another bizarre outfit, and she answered all the Judge’s questions. No settlement could be reached without Kris, so he and Kim must appear on April 19 for a pre-trial readiness/settlement conference.

So basically, Kris is screwed! It looks like Kim has even MORE ammunition to win her divorce.

Kim Kardashian Lists Her Mother Kris Jenner As A Witness

Kim, 32, is bringing out the big guns for this trial, and that means her momager Kris Jenner!

Kim is planning on having six people testify against Kris in her divorce trial, reports TMZ. Kim’s witness list includes Kris, Kim herself, two managers who were heavily involved in the prenup, at least one lawyer involved in the document and a court reporter who was present when the prenup was signed.

Kim intends to prove she never defrauded Kris, and things are really looking up for her now that he will not be making this hearing!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked that Kris failed to show?

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— Eleanore Hutch
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