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I Haven'T Told Anyone But My Boyfriend, That 2 Months Ago We Lost Our First Baby. I Can'T Help But

I haven't told anyone but my boyfriend, that 2 months ago we lost our first baby. I can't help but think it was my fault. I don't know what to do anymore because my boyfriend won't talk about it but I'm sitting here in pain and thinking that it was my fault. what do I do?

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  • Elizabeth P Baca

    Elizabeth P Baca

    2019-12-30 06:46:26

    oh dear, don't blame on yourself

  • Jessica Torres

    Jessica Torres

    2019-12-30 10:52:06

    also had a miscarriage this year and know it is not your fault it took me some time to really understand that but with time and healing you will.

  • zulma rivera Claudio

    zulma rivera Claudio

    2019-12-30 14:40:36

    Don't ever blame yourself sweetie. Only God knows why things happen. Trust me you will be bless soon. Miscarriages happen a lot at an early stage it doesn't mean anyone did anything wrong.

  • Zadawonnie Akoi

    Zadawonnie Akoi

    2019-12-30 16:41:39

    Everything will work out in the end, just always have faith.

  • Dessie


    2019-12-30 20:37:31

    please do not blame urself it is not ur fault. God knows what he is doing. Just trust God. and talk to him he has ways of answing ur questions. this song helped me out alot. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright by Kenny Chesney and someone else. God has a plan for you. hugssss

  • Britt


    2019-12-30 21:39:53

    thank you everyone. it just breaks me because I can't talk about it with my boyfriend cause he has 4 kids already but can't see them and this miscarriage broke his heart.

  • Lindsay Anne Harris

    Lindsay Anne Harris

    2019-12-31 01:55:17

    I miscarried at 5 months in July. It is one of the hardest things a woman will ever have to go through but, do not blame yourself. My husband and I are just now trying again. Give it some time and try to talk to him about it. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone for the longest time but, it really helps to understand how each of you are feeling and processing all of it. Keep your head up and look forward.

  • Sarah Stack

    Sarah Stack

    2019-12-31 14:08:44

    I lost my baby about 2 weeks ago and I know it’s hard. It was my first pregnancy and my fiancé and I were trying for 3 years. When we finally got pregnant we were so happy until we lost it. It’s not your fault it’s not your body you did nothing wrong. Don’t go blaming yourself I did and was really depressed for a long time. There is a lot of people who have miscarriages, your not the only one. I wish you all the best and take your time to grieve I’m still doing so too.

  • Faith Mullins

    Faith Mullins

    2020-01-01 20:21:38

    my fiancé still wont talk about our miscarriage and it ate away at me. I'm a very religious person so I just prayed about and still pray to have a healthy baby when he sees fit. you cant blame yourself I know it hurts but it will all fall into place

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