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I Get Very Discouraged When I Test Early. I Told Myself I Wouldnt Do It This Month. I Took A

I get very discouraged when i test early. I Told myself i wouldnt do it this month. I took a clearblue digital pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. My ovulation peak day was later in the month on December 18th. I just hope I am testing too early 🤞🏻

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  • Myia Menefield

    Myia Menefield

    2020-01-06 05:13:02

    I’m in the same boat haven’t tested yet but I’m definitely missing my period.

  • Anonymous


    2020-01-07 01:04:21

    how often should you take a test

  • Anonymous


    2020-01-07 01:25:55

    I'm just wondering how often other people test 🙏🤞also I hope everyone gets what they pray for

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