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I Took A Pregnancy Test Yesterday And It Was Negative. I Have To Use The Bathroom Back To Back, I

I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I Have to use the bathroom back to back, I Been feeling like i have to throw up But i throw up One time. Everything been irritating me and i Been Having a headache For about two Days And i been cramping on in off. Should i Take another pregnancy test?

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  • Tarah A Crow

    Tarah A Crow

    2020-01-02 20:39:38

    Have a blood test done. Some pregnancies don’t show positive on pee test. My mom was that way when she was pregnant with me.

  • Milya Daniels

    Milya Daniels

    2020-01-02 20:40:10

    I would go get a blood test... do you often have irregular periods?

  • Tajaya San Martin

    Tajaya San Martin

    2020-01-02 20:51:46

    No just go see your gyno

  • Tyanna Dumas

    Tyanna Dumas

    2020-01-02 20:55:26

    I was in the depo for 2 or 3 months my last shot was in April. July I got a regular period August I didn’t get a period but September October November I got a period. I took 4 test and went to the clinic and all the test was negative but I can’t hold nun of my food down and my stomach just be hurting all day.

  • Tyanna Dumas

    Tyanna Dumas

    2020-01-02 20:55:49

    On *

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