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I'M 3 Days Late For My Period And I'Ve Been Spotting Since The First Day I'M Suppose To Have My

I'm 3 days late for my period and I've been spotting since the first day I'm suppose to have my period. I don't think I'm pregnant because I rarely have sex and me and my boyfriend always use protection

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  • iamAna_16 forever

    iamAna_16 forever

    2020-01-03 07:04:36

    Protection isn’t 100% you could be experiencing implantation bleeding depending on the amount and color but everyone is different I would definitely take a test then retake in a few weeks

  • Latondra Parker

    Latondra Parker

    2020-01-03 07:15:20

    protection isn't always 100% guaranteed that it's protected. it can pop or break on you and you won't know until after he pulls out and by time he pulls out, his sperm is already inside u

  • Josh Stanley

    Josh Stanley

    2020-01-03 10:43:46

    So did you have regular periods? Because 3 days is among normal fluctuation range... well... for me...

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