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5 Ways The Law Of Attraction Worked In Real Life

To achieve a goal, you know you need a dream, solid support, and a deep belief in yourself. But for that extra oomph—that push that brings you exactly where you want to be, you can rely on The Law of Attraction.The law of attraction helps you manifest what you want in your life, but it’s not so simplistic as just daydreaming about an ideal life. Instead, it’s carefully homing in on a goal, taking small steps to make it happen, and paying attention to the coincidences and chance encounters in your day to day routine. Want to work the Law of Attraction in your life? , or get inspired by these five stories!

I Manifested My Dream Job
I’d always known I’d wanted to work at Cosmopolitan magazine, and had told everyone who would listen that was my goal. I’d made that decision when I was 15, but never quite got the job, even as I worked at other titles throughout my twenties. Then, finally, at age 27, a job came up, I interviewed, and it was mine! I had always known I was going to get there, but hadn’t been too stressed about the “when,” which I think worked in my favor. I had learned all my skills at other places, and then, when this job came up, the timing and my talents were right. I also think such a big part of the Law of Attraction is sharing your goals with others—because everyone knew it was what I wanted, I heard about the job immediately! — Anna, 27

I Manifested A Vacation
I’d always wanted to go abroad, but I pay for school, and money was tight. Still, I made a vision board with all my dream destinations. A few weeks later, a neighbor of my parents called, asking if I wanted to go along with them on their three-week trip to Europe in exchange for looking after their three kids! Even better: Milan and Paris, two cities on my vision board, were on the list! Not only did I go on vacation, I also got paid, but I also think it’s because I was more open to possibilities—I had told my parents to keep their ear to the ground for part-time jobs so I could save money for a trip, and that connection was what led to this trip! — Elizabeth, 20

I Manifested My Dream Home
I travel a lot for work, and always found myself driving through this adorable college town. I was thinking about relocating there—my commute would have been the same, since I work remotely—but the houses were either out of my price range or not quite right. Every morning, I would wake up and imagine my house as I had my coffee: I imagined the view, the layout, and how cozy it would feel (in my vision it had a fireplace) Anyway, one day, driving home after a meeting, I felt compelled to turn down a side street, and I saw “my” house! I recognized the back yard from my vision. I felt bold, so I knocked on the door. I had tea with the owners, and turns out, they were retired and thinking of moving to be closer to their daughter. We stayed in touch, and a year later, when they were ready, we were able to do a sale. Now it’s my house! — Jess, 36

I Manifested an Encounter with My Crush
I always play this game with friends, that I can guess where our mutual friends will be. So one night, I decided I wanted to run into my crush, who I hadn’t seen in a few months because of circumstance. I concentrated really hard, and thought of this rooftop bar. It’s not like it’s his local bar, but I knew he loved great city views, and this bar had an amazing roof deck and it was a crystal clear night. We went, and sure enough, there he was, just as if I had summoned him! I don’t think I’m psychic, but I think intensely focusing on someone or something can bring subconscious clues to the surface. It works for me! —Indira, 22

I Manifested A Whole New Life 
I was very unhappy in my current life—felt blah at my job, my relationship was meh. So instead of wallowing, I began thinking: What would I do if I were happy? I imagined I would do yoga, so I decided to try it, and I imagined my “happy” self would wake up early. I instituted a bunch of these “happy me” habits, and little by little, things began changing. I got to work an hour earlier, which led to me becoming closer with my supervisor, who ended up recommending I apply for a relocation to another part of the country. That naturally led to my breakup, which had been too long coming. And my newfound yoga habit led me to my current relationship! I think, for me, Law of Attraction means doing what you can to control what you can—it worked for me! — Monica, 26 

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