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My Most Embarrassed Period Experience??

"I started my period super late, when I was 16. By this time, all the girls I knew had been bleeding for years, and all those little mistakes you make when you first start were long in the past. Everyone else was using tampons, but I was still using pads because I was still squeamish over the idea (I grew up in an abstinence-only situation, so what I knew about my own body was very minimal).

"Anyway, I was bleeding really heavily one day at school, feeling generally terrible. I wasn't well-liked in the first place, because I would only wear my brother's hand-me-down clothes and never took my nose out of a book. This day, in particular, I was wearing a pair of light-brown cargo pants, the kind with those thick, rope-like drawstrings instead of a belt. It was a normal day; kids were snickering at me in the hall, I was awkwardly pretending to ignore them.

"When I got home, I went to find my mom in the kitchen for our usual post-school chat. She turned around cheerfully, looked down at my pants, and her face turned immediately pink... She wordlessly pointed down at my pants, so as not to alert my siblings. To my utmost horror, one of those thick, rope drawstrings on my cargo pants was crusted with dark, partially dried blood and standing starkly out against the pale, now blood-smeared, crotch of my pants. I realized that I must have somehow accidentally tucked my drawstring into my underwear as I inexpertly put on my pad that morning, and it had slipped out when I changed it at lunch. I was petrified. I was so anxious about seeing my classmates, knowing that they definitely saw (how could anyone miss it?), that I made myself sick and didn't go to school for the rest of the week."

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