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Kim Kardashian’s Naked ‘GQ’ Pics: Why Kanye West Loves Her Publicly Naked

There’s no doubt about it — Kanye West is head over heels for his wife. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye thinks Kim’s naked ‘GQ’ pics are ‘flawless,’ but he’s also ‘impressed’ with something else!

Kanye West, 37, may keep his private life on the quieter side, but he’s always open to support his wife, Kim Kardashian, 33. has learned EXCLUSIVELY why Kanye loves her publicly naked!

Kim Kardashian’s Naked ‘GQ’ Pics: Kanye West Thinks They’re ‘Flawless’

“That’s his wife, he thinks she’s flawless,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY about Kanye’s reaction to her naked pics for British GQ.

“The spread was one thing, but he’s more impressed with her being named Woman of the Year. That’s
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That’s so sweet! Kim was named British GQ’s Woman of the Year, and she stripped down in the sexiest way possible. In the spread, Kim is completely naked and flaunts her ample cleavage, but still keeps the spread tasteful by covering her nipples with her arms. Kim’s sexy butt is also in view. if ( typeof window.ndn_script_is_loaded === "undefined" && pmc !== undefined ) {window.ndn_script_is_loaded = true;pmc.load_script( '//', '', '_nw2e-js' );}

However, Kanye doesn’t want Kim to just be recognized for her sexiness. He wants her to be praised for everything

“He wants Kim to be recognized for everything that she is,” our source spilled. “Her hard work in the industry, her business ventures.”

Kanye wants everyone to know Kim’s a “genius” when it comes to money and business. Kim has a successful clothing line and she gives back, which impresses Kanye the most, our source said. So sweet!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian So In Love At ‘GQ’ Event

Kim and Kanye attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards on Sept. 2 to celebrate her big honor, and they may have had a little rendezvous while they were there!

Before Kim accepted her award, the couple snuck off the bathroom for five minutes! “We don’t know if they were fighting or doing something quite different, but they came out looking very flustered,” an eyewitness at the event told The Sun.

Kim dished to the magazine that her and Kanye have an “amazing sex life,” so it’s totally possible these two snuck off for a few sweet kisses in private!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Kim’s nude spread in British GQ? Do you love it? Is it too racy? Let us know!

— Written by Avery Thompson, Reporting by Eric Ray

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