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I'M 14 Years Old My Period Is Late For 14 Days I Had Unprotected Sex On December 11 2019 I'M

I'm 14 years old my period is late for 14 days I had unprotected sex on December 11 2019 I'm scared I'm in foster care I might get kicked out the house if I'm pregnant what should I do the boy I had sex with wants me to take a pill but I dont want to I want to have the baby WHAT SHOULD I DO.....?

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  • Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez

    2020-01-06 03:51:15

    Take a pregnancy test 😔

  • Alisyn Janine

    Alisyn Janine

    2020-01-06 06:36:32

    A plan B won’t work if you’re already pregnant, you need to take a pregnancy test. If you are just be honest with your parents. It’s easier said than done but chances are they won’t kick you out if you are pregnant

  • Victoria Bae

    Victoria Bae

    2020-01-06 07:15:44

    Why are u having sex at fourteen like it is not like u can’t get pregnant stop trying to get a dick and foucuse on ur school u know if u have unprotected sex u can get pregnant so stop trying to have sex

  • Sampson Wong

    Sampson Wong

    2020-01-06 09:08:13

    Plz tell the truth to ur parents

  • Halle ce

    Halle ce

    2020-01-06 09:27:40

    you should take a test and please be responsible for your actions, I am saying this as kind person. I have talk to my friends through things and it helps if you talk about it.

  • Anna Diaz

    Anna Diaz

    2020-01-06 09:28:00


  • OG Poppin Sasha

    OG Poppin Sasha

    2020-01-06 10:21:26

    Dang wow, I'm 16 years old,and I had unprotected sex, but honestly, maybe you should just go to the hospital, take your test and figure out what u gonna do if you plan on keeping the baby, you should have a foundation of how the money coming in and making sure you are not person that you had it with is want to say in page

  • Nini


    2020-01-06 12:10:07

    I'm a teen mom and let me tell you I was just as scared as you were when I missed my period and even more terrified when I found out I was pregnant but I'm happy with the decision I made to keep my bby. It's you body so you do whatever you want as long as you are happy with your decision everything will be fine

  • Grace Glasscock

    Grace Glasscock

    2020-01-06 15:03:05

    Idk who this anonymous character is up there but baby girl I got pregnant at 13 and had him at 14 I’m now 18 and he is 3... don’t listen to what anybody has to say the only thing you can do is make the right decision and whatever you do just be good at it... and yes maybe you do need to focus on other things but everyone is going to have sex eventually some just waited longer than others it doesn’t matter tho

  • Lanetra Shuler Boyd

    Lanetra Shuler Boyd

    2020-01-06 15:19:16

    talk to your parents. A grown up & do the text with them. dont do this along. Yes you had sex but if you are with child you have to think of the little one & take one step at a time. please Go to your parents who I hope you can go to but a Responsible Grown Up to guide you in the right direction.

  • Queenie Eaglman

    Queenie Eaglman

    2020-01-06 15:53:22

    I ended up pregnant at the age of 10 I didn't choose to have a baby mine was an act of someone who is perverted meaning mine was the result of a rape I had mine at the age of 10 she was born on Valentine's Day .My point is I chose to keep my baby I took care of her until she was 7 then I had no choice but to give her up for adoption.Please consider your options and follow your heart find someone you can trust to help walk you through it.But just know whatever decision you make make sure you are happy and that you have considered your baby's life .You need to think about the life of your baby is he/or she going to be safe ,happy ,and loved with whatever decision you make

  • Alisyn Janine

    Alisyn Janine

    2020-01-06 16:03:32

    She isn’t here to be shamed she’s here for help so you need to stop this.

  • Nani Isabel

    Nani Isabel

    2020-01-06 16:12:49

    if u don't want the baby, have an abortion. be an adult. take responsibility for your actions. honestly, don't have unprotected sex if you aren't ready.

  • Meg


    2020-01-06 16:27:35

    do you track your period? were you ovulating ? take a test !

  • Erica Bartlett

    Erica Bartlett

    2020-01-06 16:30:33

    hun the best thing would be to be honest with you parents and explain to them how you feel and what you are looking to do. if you need some one to talk to you can talk to me if you want

  • princess gibbs

    princess gibbs

    2020-01-06 16:31:38

    idc some ppl here are right but the others that's knockin you cause u young listen i juss turnt 18 yesterday i found out i was pregnant n was scared i thought my god father was gonna kick me out but he didn't he's here holdin my hand and walkin with me. now its up to u first take a test then if positive tell em maybe they will have great option for you. young queen keep your head high and dnt let yo crown fall

  • princess gibbs

    princess gibbs

    2020-01-06 16:33:55

    stfu how can u sit here n bash a kid she livin n learnin 9 times outta 10 u should kno da dude prob was lik if u dnt we gone break up cause datts how i lost my virginity but i still used a condom but fr tho if u didn't have nun nice to sayy dnt sayy it cause she already feels sum type of wayy

  • Meg


    2020-01-06 16:38:04

    also I dont mean this as negative way because I think most go through it. but if you dont understand your body, a Male's body. the dos and don'ts to sex. why or how you get pregnant. ovulation. or tracking. and you dont use protection and then dont even understand plan b and may not have the means for even caring for a child.... then what do you expect?? you shouldnt be having sex if you are not educated with it. ask the school nurse for condoms !!!!

    I say this in love because if you dont get pregnant this time...there will be a time if you continue this way. what was it like 5-10 mins of sex?
    be careful and take care or yourself sweetie. NO ONE ELSE WILL. sending you love !

    and if you are pregnant. babies are the most beautiful gift and give you purpose. but it's hard when you're young. you shouldn't have to grow up that fast. I'd say accepting responsibility for your choices would be caring for your offspring. but I also believe in everyone making their own choices for their self& situation! so just food for thought ! good luck! dont wait too long to get help!!!!!

  • Christa Richards

    Christa Richards

    2020-01-06 16:46:55

    babygirl i got pregnant with my twins when i was 16 and the best decision i made was to continue my pregnancy even though baby daddys parents wished a miscarriage upon me cause they hated me and honestly i couldnt care less it was my babies my choice even though i did end up miscarrying im so glad i blocked all the negative out of my life and chose my babies over everyone else ! my point is honey do what makes YOU happy dont let others influence your decision if you want to have and keep this baby if you are pregnant then go for it even though it may be hard but ita totally worth it ! i wish you the best of luck hun !

  • Harley Touchstone

    Harley Touchstone

    2020-01-06 16:47:59

    at least if y'all comment, use proper english! And baby girl, you should go tell your parents and take a test. God will you give you strength to get through anything!

  • Natissa Lynn

    Natissa Lynn

    2020-01-09 14:10:37

    Sweetie, talk to your parents and go to the doctor. Don't listen to those bashing you, none of us are perfect and we all do things we shouldn't. The pill won't work this long after unprotected sex. The best thing to do is be honest with your parents and tell them you need help. Go to the doctor, get information on ALL options and make an informed decision. Best wishes.

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