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What Personality Type Are You? Take The Quiz Below To Find Out

Every single living person falls under one of four primary personality types, which include the following; intelligent extroverts, emotional extroverts, intelligent introverts, and emotional introverts. What type do you think you are? If you’re not sure, or simply want an unbiased opinion, this quick and easy photo-based quiz will tell you exactly which one you happen to be. It looks at and examines the type of personality you display the strongest in regards to how you view and respond to a series of beautiful images and questions.

All of us have our own individual personality which is uniquely special to us and us alone. Yet at the same time, the attributes and quirks that compose it inevitably end up overlapping in lots of different ways. Plain old observation will tell you this but many in-depth studies and a variety of research has been conducted on this very topic over the years. So while your personality sets you apart and is what makes you who you are, it’s also what connects you to the rest of humanity. At least this seems to be the case, speaking in broad, generalized terms of things. Before I digress any further, here is some more information on the intelligent, emotional, introvert, and extrovert personality archetypes.

First up is extroverts. They are those highly social, always outgoing people that you know and see out and about. They love being where the action is and need to keep busy, which is probably why they’re so outspoken and chatty. Their counterparts are introverts, who prefer a more low key, laid back, and relaxed type of scene. They keep to themselves and are often on the shy, quiet side. As for those with intelligent personality types, they are the smart, rational, and logical thinkers among us. They use their heads and think first, whereas emotional types use their hearts and act on a whim, sometimes without thinking at all!

This quiz has been specially designed to uncover whether or not you’re an intelligent extrovert, an intelligent introvert, an emotional introvert, or an emotional extrovert. By exploring the different thoughts, feelings, and responses that the featured images evoke in each us, our overall outlook and approach to life can be examined and revealed. Click the “Let’s Play” button to start and figure out which personality type fits you best!

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