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Meet The Woman With Two Wombs Giving Hope To People With Fertility Struggles

Eleanor Rowe was born with two wombs and given low odds of conceiving. However, she has just had a baby with husband Chris and they’re telling their story to inspire those affected by infertility. 

When Eleanor Rowe was going through the process of freezing her eggs in her early thirties, doctors discovered she had two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas. Until then, she didn’t have a clue. Externally, everything was normal. She never felt different and didn’t look different. She could never have known she had been born with the condition called uterus didelphys (meaning double womb).

It’s extremely rare; one in three thousand women have a variation of the condition. But Eleanor’s specific variant is one in a million.

Doctors told her that though she may conceive, she would have have trouble carrying a child because the two wombs are so small and wouldn’t be able to stretch. She was given a 90% miscarriage rate and told that she would have to go through several pregnancies in order to stretch it out.

Her prospects of having a child looked grim – but this is a good news story.

She told it to Eamon and Ruth on This Morning. Watch it below:

Eleanor and her husband Chris want to share their story let people struggling with infertility know that there is hope and you can beat the odds. Their mission is reflected in the baby’s name – Imogen Hope.

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