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The BUTTERFLY Test. Look What He Reveals About You!

The BUTTERFLY test. Look what he reveals about you!

As you know, we like tests that allow us to have fun and relax some pressure by having a good time. So today we offer you a nice test The PAPILLON test.

-By Lucie Meyer April 1st, 2019

Butterflies are insects that many consider precious and adorable. They are indeed wonderful and also have significant symbolic meaning in many cultures. For centuries, they have been used by painters, writers and other artists to symbolize freedom, especially after a difficult period of slavery or war. It is a symbol of hope, joy and tranquility. They also symbolize change, after all, remember that the butterfly started life as a small unpleasant worm. It must go through the metamorphosis to become a beautiful insect worthy of admiration.

There are thousands of species of butterflies of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of them are visible in our neighborhood, but others are exotic and hide in areas not inhabited by humans. As expected, the most valuable ones fall into the second category we have just mentioned. However, today we have prepared a test in which you can discover interesting things about yourself. Keep reading to find something interesting about you!

Do not be afraid, we will not send you to hunt butterflies, we have already done it for you. In the picture below, you will see some of them. We can bet that one of them will attract you in a particular way. Do not forget the butterfly number you have chosen. By choosing this butterfly, you reveal some qualities that you possess and this is reflected in the symbolism of the photo you have chosen. Do not hesitate to give yourself the time you need to understand which insect is most appealing to you, but do not think too much about it. Ready? Let’s move on to what each butterfly reveals.

1. Sensitive and generous

If you have chosen the # 1 butterfly, you are definitely a very sensitive, honest and loving person. You can easily put yourself in the shoes of others and worry (often excessively) for others. You can even get to the point where you forget your own needs and interests. Helping others is a virtue, but remember that you have to start with yourself because you can not share what you do not have. If you recognize the healthy limits of your life, you will feel much more satisfied and fulfilled in your daily life.

2. Harmonious and peaceful

Butterfly No. 2 has harmonious colors and is linked to the green of nature and that also describes you. You are a person full of harmony, patience and serenity. The most important thing for you is to maintain the balance of life and to transmit peace and tranquility to others (family, friends or colleagues, etc.). However, in your desire to find tranquility, you can avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations and conflicts. This can lead to episodes of indifference or intentional apathy. Remember that any situation (happy or sad) appears in your life because it has a purpose. The fundamental challenge for you is to accept whatever comes into your life, be it happy or sad, calm or confrontational. By accepting these experiences, you will become a strong person.

3. Talented

Butterfly # 3 is full of details, something that can not escape your insight. You are an observant, logical and methodical person. If it is something you like, you will not miss anything to complete the task. For this reason, you feel the inner need to explain to others how to do things right and even get angry if the work is not done the way you want. You run the risk of becoming a compulsive worker and you need to focus on this area. Try to introduce moderation into your life. Try to introduce periods of time devoted to soothing a restless mind and putting you at peace with yourself and with others. Relax, stroll through the parks and contemplate what’s around you.

4. Achievement-oriented

Although it is possible that your butterfly is already appearing, we encourage you to continue reading to know the people around you. And if your choice is # 4, that’s what you need to know. You are a person full of energy, hardworking and reliable. These qualities help you excel in many aspects of life and what interests you is to achieve the goal you started. However, at the same time, you can fear failure and this fear can cause you to work tirelessly, even at the cost of your physical and emotional health or your relationships with others. Do you have a challenge that you want to achieve? Learn to recognize that you are far more than you are capable of. Accept the fact that you are a wonderful person,

5. Passionate

Butterfly 5 is pure enthusiasm. Your greatest desire is freedom, happiness and memories of good experiences. The worst thing that can happen in your life is boredom and monotony. So you do your best to fill your day with different activities. Being in constant motion brings you a lack of dedication. The biggest challenge for you is to learn how to better manage your time and energy. You want to do several things at once and it would be better if you focus on fewer tasks at once. This is certainly advisable when you have to work with other people. In this way, your life will be even more fulfilled and happier.

6. Artistic

If you chose Butterfly No. 6, you are just an artistic soul. The levels of sensitivity that you have are almost insatiable and make you a person full of kindness, empathy and love for others, but you are above all a creator. It’s the quality that allows you to build and shape (whether it’s a physical space or a work of art, or an idea in your mind). Because of these enormous reserves of sensitivity and creativity, you can sometimes feel the desire to isolate yourself in a place far from others. These breaks will be the elixir you need to improve your relationships with others and your work.

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