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Trying To Get Pregnant?? Join Our WhatsApp Group “Lunar Baby Expecting”!

Want to have a baby soooo much... 👶

but have so many questions and don’t know who to turn to?❓❓❓

Join our WhatsApp group “Lunar Baby Expecting”

and talk with other hopeful mother-to-bes!

Here in this group,

your questions will be answered,

your feelings will be reciprocated,

and you’ll always be supported!

We care, we share! Our Supreme Task is to help you be a mom!

Baby dust sprinkling~👶

All Comments (8)
  • Mercedes Thiono

    Mercedes Thiono

    2020-01-07 03:56:02

    I was not able to find this group on WhatsApp

  • Lunar Official

    Lunar Official

    2020-01-14 02:56:59

    Hello~You may try click the link this time, and you may also scan the QR Code below, we really hope to talk with you in this group and share everything about pre-pregnancy with more lovely ladies~

  • Bre Miller

    Bre Miller

    2020-01-14 15:27:09

    I had my period for 7 months while I was pregnant never even knew I was. I got my period every month until it stopped then I decided to test and it came back positive and I was 28 weeks along. I didn’t even have a bump until a week after I found out I was pregnant.

  • TaShonda Ford

    TaShonda Ford

    2020-01-16 16:09:28

    Unfortunately the answer is yes! You can still have a menses and be pregnant. My best friend bleed for 7 months before she found out she was pregnant. And she had her baby premature. The same with my mother. She was 5 months pregnant and still had a cycle each month. She finally seek medical attention and had the bleeding stopped and carried to full term.

  • Jo B

    Jo B

    2020-01-18 19:57:10

    The link isn’t working, I’d like to join the group, how do I?

  • Karine kristine

    Karine kristine

    2020-01-25 03:00:15

    Same to me I wanna joint group but this link doesn’t working please some one can help me

  • Karen Lowery

    Karen Lowery

    2020-01-28 01:15:57

    me and my husband really wanna get pregnant am having trouble

  • Briana Caldwell

    Briana Caldwell

    2020-01-31 05:39:19

    Yes it does my period came on with my first and with my twins

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