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I Have Been Having Anxiety And PTSD For Over Three Years Now, I'M Having A Hard Time Trying To

I have been having anxiety and PTSD for over three years now, I'm having a hard time trying to control it because of the stresses that are in my life. It scares me to the fact that I won't get better and cause my health to get worse. I have sleeping problems that causes me to be up practically to the next morning. I feel like a pharmacy with all the medications I take for it and my blood pressure as well. I have carpal tunnel, pinched ulnar nerve and my spine is starting to curve. Do anyone else have the same problem or suffer from an ailment that keeps you from doing certain tasks? +

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  • Gracie GiGi

    Gracie GiGi

    2020-01-10 02:10:19

    I don't know what I can help but just wanna tell you that I understand the feelings! Hang in there! Bad days will pass!

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