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Test: Select A Pen And Learn More About Your Personality

Each of us has our own personality type, and although you can have a lot in common with someone, two people will never be the same.

Take a look at the picture and select the image that attracts you the most. 
Pen number 1
Peace and harmony reigns in your environment, you like peaceful and calm people. You are a noble soul who loves to help others, you never say no, and you always reach out. 
You can easily communicate with others, but it is best to do this with those who share similar sympathies and interests. 
Someone might think that you are a weak person, but you are just polite to all people. You have many friends because of your ability to stay in touch and make friends. 

Pen number 2
You adapt very quickly and learn quickly. You are a perfectionist and are trying to prove yourself.
You are a tenacious and experienced person. Love spending time with friends. But sometimes you completely isolate yourself in order to spend time alone and better recognize yourself, but this is not bad. But let people close to you know how important they are to you. Because sometimes you can make them believe that the problem of your alienation is hidden in them. 

Pen number 3
Independence is your trait. You always pursue your goals and dreams, you are risky and enterprising. If you fall, you easily get up and are not afraid of failure, because failure makes you a great and wise person.The only thing worth paying attention to is the choice of friends. 

Pen # 4
A strong character is what characterizes you. You have a lot of imagination and ability to solve problems. You are always looking for the best solution. 
Sometimes you find it difficult to please others. Your character makes you think that you are the “boss”, but when they know you more, they understand that this is not so. 
People easily notice your presence thanks to your strong and impressive personality. You are not easily fooled; you have good reasons. 
You demand a lot and love perfection. You just need to remember that it does not exist. Start enjoying every moment, every mistake and experience, know how to relax, it’s just life! 

Pen number 5
You are an artist with impressive creativity and imagination. Sometimes you do not fully trust your abilities, and this does not allow you to grow. 
You are so afraid of failure, not understanding that it is this fear that leads you to stagnation. You have a particular sensitivity to detail. You are a perfectionist, and always try your best, expecting the same from others. 
You must overcome your fears and not impose problems, you are a very capable and intelligent person, try it!

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