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The Test Of The Temples

They say that the temple you are attracted to would reveal your personality!

The term temple (from Latin templum) designates a sacred building. In its origin, it designated the area of ​​the sky that the augur used to contemplate which birds crossed it and in what sense, thus establishing the auguries. Many religions, if not all, have buildings that are considered sacred.Simply by looking at these beautiful photos of magical temples and choosing the one that attracts you the most, we can tell you a lot about you!

Choose the temple that most appeals to you next. Once you’ve decided which one is your favorite, continue scrolling down until you find the results.

1.- The Lakshmana Temple

You are a kind, open person, who never gets angry without cause and treats everyone you know the way you want to be treated. Although you have a kind spirit, you are not bored and you have an adventure streak. 

You never reject the opportunity to experience something incredible.

2.- El temple Guinsa

You have a good independent streak and things work best for you when you are serious. You are open-hearted and others may feel that you are a kind and principled person. 

You don’t let yourself be influenced by negative people and you always try to defend what you believe.

3.- Ta Prohm Temple

You are loyal to your friends and family and if you commit or promise something, then you comply. 

Although sometimes you feel withdrawn, you are really passionate about the things that seem important to you in life and you always give your whole soul to the things that matter most to you!

4.- Pyramid of the Fortune Teller

You feel emotions on a very deep level, and in many ways you are a very thoughtful and multi-layered person. However, you are not one to get caught in your head. 

You think life is for living and you are a very accessible and committed person!

5.- Golden Temple of Dambulla

You are a sincere person and you hate lies and liars. You try to live every moment to the fullest, but at the same time you are very simple and practical. 

You stand out from the crowd because you always think for yourself and let your heart be your guide.

6.- Templo Byodo-In

You are an insightful person who realizes what others do not notice. In a way, you are very mysterious, people who know you for the first time have trouble controlling you and often you feel shy about new people. But around those you love, you are very outgoing. You give yourself a lot to those who care about you!

7.- Templo of Philae

You are wise and you live in the moment. On a deep level, you know that it’s okay to let go of the past in favor of a new and better future. Naturally, you consider what is best for everyone, not just for you, and you never look back.

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