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Psychological Love Test: The First Thing You See Will Tell You How You Relate To The Other

The way we relate is one of the issues in which we have less awareness of reality. This psychological love test will tell you how you do it.

Do you need to know how you are in love? You just have to look at this image for a moment and say what you saw right away in it.

Let your intuition act, and truly stay with the first thing you have noticed.

Of the masks

If the first thing you saw were two masks, it is because you are a direct and self-confident person. When you love someone, you are not afraid to prove it. For you, love is something beautiful that should not be hidden.

The only problem you have is that sometimes you can’t control your temper, and you end up arguing about meaningless things. Throughout your life, many times you have lost love because of pride.

You must begin to be more humble and accept that you are not always right, if you want your relationships, good in themselves, to be much better.

The face of a man

If you have seen the face of a man, it is because you are a somewhat withdrawn person, who has a hard time expressing his feelings clearly. Many times you hide behind the security of the mobile or social networks to interact with the people you like, but do not dare to take the next step.

When you finally start a relationship, you are doing very well. You are kind, understanding and attentive. You give everything for the person next to you!

However, if you do not learn to express your feelings, in the long run there will be problems. You expect the other to guess what happens to you, but so far no one has learned to read the thoughts. You should start expressing yourself better and looking for effective communication channels with your partners if you want to build strong relationships.

The face of a woman

If you have seen the face of a woman it is because you are someone of pure feelings, who is always falling in love. For you, love is everything, and you love to feel those “butterflies in the belly” when someone likes you.

You give yourself to romance with passion, and you hardly leave someone disenchanted. In general, in all your relationships people at your side love and admire you.

Your main problem is that it is difficult for you to make long-term commitments. You care very much what you feel at every moment, and if you suddenly feel that the spark goes out, there is no going back. That’s why it’s hard for you to maintain long-term relationships and long-term projects.

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