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I Need Alot Of Help I Had A Missed Miscarriage About 6mo Ago And Have Been Trying To Convince I'M

I need alot of help I had a missed miscarriage about 6mo ago and have been trying to convince I'm not sure it it's postive or not. #AmIPregnant

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  • Lindsey Hall

    Lindsey Hall

    2020-01-14 03:50:49

    looks positive to me

  • Katy Warner

    Katy Warner

    2020-01-14 14:10:02

    maybe retest with a red dye! good luck

  • Destany Dougherty

    Destany Dougherty

    2020-01-15 06:22:21

    take a test with pink dye

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2020-01-20 21:54:50

    I see a very faint line. I would give it a few more days then retest

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