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Im Gonna Be A Mommy, I Did Went N Make I Was Pregnant :) I Get A Ultrasound On The 17th Of This

im gonna be a mommy, i did went n make i was pregnant :) i get a ultrasound on the 17th of this month 💕
baby F.J.C OR S.M.C 💕

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  • Jamie Davis

    Jamie Davis

    2020-01-14 13:24:34

    Congratulations ❤️

  • Ladi Wade

    Ladi Wade

    2020-01-14 17:42:40

    congratulations ❣️

  • Rita Stephen

    Rita Stephen

    2020-01-14 18:19:24

    congrats love❤️

  • Evette L. Morris

    Evette L. Morris

    2020-01-16 22:54:54


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