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Psychological Test: Which Of These Children Is Most At Risk?

The case in point is given by  Maria , a Venezuelan girl who survived a tornado as a child, today, when she feels a strong wind, she is agitated because memories of danger reappear unconsciously in memory. The case of  Mary is striking but it is not always so … has it ever happened to you to go into anxiety without an apparent reason? Here, it is your unconscious memory that makes itself felt.

In continuation there are things that we perceive and of which we are not aware and that, however, produce effects in us and around us, outside our control and our will.

This psychological test is based on a primary emotion: fear , an active defense mechanism since the dawn of time, since our first cry … as you can understand, the historian has very ancient roots. Fear, specifically, is activated when the senses perceive a harmful or potentially harmful stimulus, in short, when a threat looms .

In the photo below, there are 4 boys potentially at risk of getting hurt. Now it’s up to you, to solicit your historical memory and understand which of these guys is most at risk.

Thanks to this test we will see what the unconscious fears are sleeping in your mind. In the image there are symbols, choose the boy who has the most chance of getting hurt and read the corresponding profile to find out what you are afraid of.

Boy A

If for you, the boy he is about to fall into the gutter is more at risk, your greatest fears are hidden in the past. A dreamer personality emerges and perhaps you are afraid of repeating mistakes already experienced in the past, of going through bad experiences already experienced. In dealing with situations, you need support: you don’t like solitude and prefer to rely on human resources to deal with difficult situations. You are also afraid of making bad choices, so much so that before making a decision, you prefer to confront yourself with others.

Boy B

You are afraid of betrayals both in the social / work and family / sentimental fields. This is born for your experience: in the past you had a strong disappointment that pushes you to “trust with reserve”. Before making any decision, you launch yourself into a mental balance sheet of risks and possibilities: you are very rational. In living any situation, you tend to be selective and you are unlikely to get involved in a project if you don’t know well who you are dealing with.

Boy C

If you believe that the boy who is about to crash into the trunk of a tree is at greatest danger, you are a very protective and even apprehensive person. You are very sensitive and caring towards your loved ones and your greatest fears are hidden in illness and death: the end of life. Perhaps, consciously, you do not devote much energy to worrying that you or your loved ones may get sick, yet it is a fear that dwells in you.

Boy D

If you believe that the boy who is risking the most and the one who is about to cross the road imprudently, you are a person who tends to be anxious. You fear being unable to complete your commitments and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks to be performed. Your fear is generated by one of your characteristics: you often tend to procrastinate, postpone and postpone what you have to do and often leave things halfway, start a project without completing it.

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