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It Is A Wonderful Time To Be Alive When A New Baby Is Brought Into The World.

It is a wonderful time to be alive when a new baby is brought into the world. It’s such a wonderful time that when the baby comes and it is time to go to the hospital, you want to be surrounded by all of your closest family and friends so that you can share the joyous moment.

Most people don’t really want to spend the moment with… Strangers. It is not really one of those parties.

That was not necessarily the intention of this one family either, yet somehow, they managed to invite a complete stranger to the birth of their baby in the hospital.

Lindsey Lashley and her husband, Mark, meant to send the news of the baby in a text group chat but sent it to the wrong number by accident. After that, the news quickly went viral.

The hilarious story went viral.

The texts from the new parents were accidentally sent to 19-year-old man Deorick Williams.

“They sent me a text message and when I looked at it, I told my brother that they had the wrong number,” Deorick said, referring to his brother, Dennis.

The family sent texts and pictures of the newborn baby.

Deorick responded to the pair and honestly told them that they had the wrong number but that he and his brother would like to come visit anyway.

The Williams brothers wanted to come and congratulate the couple on their new baby, despite being complete strangers.

“They didn’t understand it, you know, because they were still happy about having a baby and everything,” Deorick explained to WALB News after the event took place.

However, the conversation between them carried on and eventually, the couple invited the brothers on down to the Memorial Hospital and Manor.

“When we first got in there it was kind of like a shockwave. They didn’t know if I was actually still coming or if we were going to come at all,” Deorick said.

The brothers didn’t just show up though. They also came with their hands full of diapers, pacifiers and a baby bottle.

The sweet brothers had plenty of gifts for the new baby, Cason.

One of the text messages exchanged prior to their appearance read: “We are at the hospital. Having a baby today! She has dilated to between 5-6.”

Then after the young man told them they had the wrong number but that he would still come through, someone else in the thread wrote: “You are cracking me up!!! Sorry you got caught up in the baby birthing!!”

Later on, they posted a photo of the Williams brothers meeting the new parents on Facebook. As you can probably predict, the sweet pic quickly went viral and made major waves on the Internet.

“They were so sweet and kind to do this,” the parents wrote in the caption of the photo. “You 2 are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you didn’t know! … If we all only had this kind of heart.”

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