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The Baby Fever Test

Take this fun quiz and rate where you stand on the fine line between simple maternal longings or extreme baby fever.

1. Do you own an encyclopedia of baby names?

A.Yes---1 points

B.No---0 points

2. Have you ever laid awake at night listening to the ticking of your biological clock?

A.Yes---1 points

B.No---0 points

3. While walking down the street you notice a young woman pushing a baby carriage. How do you react?

A.Smile upon them---0 points

B.Clench your teeth and shoot daggers from your eyes.---3 points

C.Suppress the urge to grab the baby and run!---5 points

4. You notice an attractive man waiting in line at the supermarket in front of you. What is the first thing that goes through your mind?

A.I hope he has less than eight items.---1 points

B.I wonder if he is single.---2 points

C.Great genes!---3 points

5. You meet a terrific guy on the night of your thirty-something birthday. On your first date, he explains that he has all the time in the world to have children; in fact it is the farthest thing from his mind. What do you with Mr. Possible now...?

A.Let him know that you too aren't in any hurry; however... you wouldn't mind practicing!---1 points

B.Leave the table abruptly and thank him for wasting your time.---3 points

C.Cry uncontrollably. After all, you began planning the baby's room after the first bottle of wine.---5 points

Comment and tell us how many points you get!

All Comments (18)
  • Melissa Brown

    Melissa Brown

    2020-01-10 19:09:27

    I got 14.

  • Lexie J

    Lexie J

    2020-01-10 20:41:45

    I got 9

  • WetSocks123


    2020-01-10 21:46:50

    3. I'm 14

  • Cessily Imanii

    Cessily Imanii

    2020-01-11 04:12:11

    I got 14

  • Amber Marie

    Amber Marie

    2020-01-11 16:37:09


  • Hoku Hardisty

    Hoku Hardisty

    2020-01-11 22:28:44


  • Margarita Gonzalez

    Margarita Gonzalez

    2020-01-12 03:00:10


  • Shane Elizabeth

    Shane Elizabeth

    2020-01-12 05:07:46


  • Leah Gaston

    Leah Gaston

    2020-01-13 03:05:49

    I got 14

  • Stephanie O. Garza

    Stephanie O. Garza

    2020-01-13 18:40:06

    I got 10

  • Rachel Beshears

    Rachel Beshears

    2020-01-14 08:15:09

    I got 13

  • Erika Embertson

    Erika Embertson

    2020-01-14 23:46:56


  • Chrissy L

    Chrissy L

    2020-01-15 03:09:50

    i got 14

  • tara embry

    tara embry

    2020-01-15 04:34:42


  • Danaja Orr

    Danaja Orr

    2020-01-16 01:44:53

    i got 15

  • Chell Pooh

    Chell Pooh

    2020-01-16 17:01:13


  • Brooke Barton

    Brooke Barton

    2020-01-16 20:21:29


  • Misty Dawn

    Misty Dawn

    2020-01-17 05:31:41


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