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How Are You As A Girlfriend?

Do you know how to charm the opposite sex or do guys just make you gag? Find out if you're a number one draft pick or prefer to be a solo player!

1.You're out on a date. Where are you?

A.At the romantic lookout---3 points

B.At the arcade---2 points

C.Me, out with a boy? Are you kidding?---1 points

2.You're alone with a cute boy. What are you doing?

A.Making out---3 points

B.Chatting and flirting---2 points

C.Playing a board game---1 points

3.You're caught under the mistletoe. Where do you kiss your guy?

A.On the lips---3 points

B.On the cheek---2 points

C.Ew! I wouldn't be caught dead kissing a boy!---1 points

4.What do you get your crush for his birthday?

A.Tickets to his favorite sports event---3 points

B.The latest CD---2 points

C.A card---1 points

5.Your date drags you to his buddy's lame party. You:

A.Make like Pink, and get the party started---3 points

B.Pretend to enjoy the party---2 points

C.Sulk in the corner---1 points

6.Your most exciting experience with a guy so far has been:

A.goodnight kiss---3 points

B.Holding hands---2 points

C.Being smiled at---1 points

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  • Bethany West

    Bethany West

    2020-01-12 20:34:27

    15 lol hmm

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