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I Just Want My Positive This Month. Ive Been Trying For About 6 Months Now And I Dont Know How Many

I just want my positive this month. ive been trying for about 6 months Now and i dont know how many more negatives i can take before getting so discouraged to give up. i dont want to give up. i understand, sometimes it tales a little longer. but when i go online and see all of my Friends posting pregnancy announcments i envy them. I know i shouldn’. i just get so upset with my self, saying why cant that be me? Why is it taking so long? Why is everybody else getting pregnant besides me??😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼 please can somebody prey with me to let this month be it.

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  • Talisa Dehart

    Talisa Dehart

    2020-01-14 17:57:40

    praying for ya

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