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Found Out I Was About 5 Weeks Pregnant. I Was Around Another Women Who Was On Her Period And I

found out I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I was around another women who was on her period and I started bleeding the next day. had a follow up appointment but couldn't even go bc I had already passed the baby. pray for me as this is my 6th one that I have lost. in completely done trying😪

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  • Katy Warner

    Katy Warner

    2020-01-14 14:11:50

    prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts. I'm so sorry hun

  • Alexandra Speelman

    Alexandra Speelman

    2020-01-14 20:52:44

    Praying for you 🙏🏻

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2020-01-14 21:00:00

    I'm so sorry. If it's in God's will you will have a baby.

  • Elisa Cardona

    Elisa Cardona

    2020-01-14 21:22:27

    Praying for you

  • Chrissy James

    Chrissy James

    2020-01-14 23:00:30


  • Bangaly’s Blogs

    Bangaly’s Blogs

    2020-01-14 23:04:01


  • Albertee W Gowah

    Albertee W Gowah

    2020-01-15 00:13:14

    congrats Sis

  • Albertee W Gowah

    Albertee W Gowah

    2020-01-15 00:40:58

    I'm so sorry to hear that.

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