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TEST: What Kind Of Person Is Best For You?

The theme of love is a mystery to us all.

Especially when we enter adolescence, we feel for the first time the need to seek a person with whom we would like to share good and bad times. Thus, little by little, we enter the world of romantic love and experience pleasant and painful experiences that, in the future, help us to create a more stable relationship. It is a huge field to explore and filled with incomprehensible mysteries.

Lucie Meyer. The 18/04/2019

Before you submit a test, especially those that look like this one, we try it ourselves, just to see how accurate it is. And also because we are very interested in knowing what kind of people we are ourselves. If that reassures you, some of us have tried it and these tests are surprisingly true, at least for half, if not all. We are therefore very happy to have you try it too! The test below is about finding the perfect person for us. Are the clues to finding the right person in our personality? If it turns out to be the case, you can discover them with our little test.

Look carefully at the picture below and the couple you see first can reveal something about the person you are looking for!

1. The lovers in the sky

If you have noticed this picturesque sky first, it is likely that you would fall in love with someone older than you. You need someone mature because you have experienced juvenile and unstable flirting and are not interested in it anymore, or you are just a very committed person with a great deal of dedication to the relationship. ‘other. To make you feel happy, you need someone who is also mature and stable. You will probably find these characteristics in a person a little older than you.

2. Lovers in the waves

The lovers’ scene in the waves is the most daring, full of passion and love compared to all the other details of the image. We can see that the foam of waves forms the image of a man and a woman entwined in a loving embrace, accompanied by a sensual kiss. We will not go into detail about the possible metaphor or scene, but we are sure that your thoughts are very happy if you have unconsciously directed your gaze directly to this scene. And the truth is that they are almost all positive news for you and your love life.

You are just compatible with everyone, without preference of age or previous experience. You are an open person who has no trouble communicating and your love is waiting for you around the corner. You open up to the possibility of being with someone you meet and it will become beautiful in a simple conversation. It makes you more likely to have trouble with love because you have your heart on your hand. You may have been heartbroken a few times, but you will overcome them without a doubt.

3. The lovers on the beach

It is possible that you have immediately noticed the two lovers who are holding hands and are heading towards the sea water. This is a relatively small part of the picture, but in any case, it is possible that your sight was drawn there before even seeing the other details that lie in the picturesque landscape. What does this mean to you? We will describe it below.

Although lovers at the beach seem at first very different from each other, your love situation is exactly the opposite. Which is not as bad as you think. The best thing for you to do is find a person very similar to you with whom to share your life. It is best that you share the same interests and the same point of view on the most important issues of life. Obviously, it is almost impossible to find someone whose opinions are exactly the same and especially in love, but in your case, it is better to be with someone who is very similar to you in order for your relationship to develop.

4. The two dolphins

The more we look at the image, the more we want to go to the beach. If some of you have seen dolphins surf the waves, you have a very good view! That may be the first thing you noticed about the picture because it means something, so what does it mean to you?

Your subconscious tells you that you need someone who has a heart younger than you. You need someone full of imagination, freedom and passion to inspire you in love. These qualities can often be attributed to younger people, although this is not necessarily age. He is a person who wakes you up to live and to love. However, remember that you can adapt to all the people you want.

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