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So My Son Is 7 Months Old And Yes I Am A Teen Mom. Im 19 And Pretty Much Doing It On My Own. Me And

So my son is 7 Months old and yes i Am a teen mom. Im 19 And pretty much doing it on My own. Me and his father are together but he doesnt help out really I work full time while my mom watches the baby while the boyfriend Does whatever. But i have the worse baby fever. i guess it really isnt “baby fever” But im ready For another one i told Myself Not until the first one is Out of diapers. But i cAnt help but feel like there is something mising to my little family. I just Need Some Motivation and get told im not ready yet.... HELP!

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    2020-01-14 13:29:59

    YOU AREN'T READY. That would be foolish and extremely selfish to your first child. Your child's NEEDS should be over your WANTS. I don't expect you have an extremely high paying job since you are ONLY 19... so are you going to work 2-3 jobs to support all your kids you WANT to have??? And why let yourself be impregnated by someone as lazy as you already did??? Please think this over very carefully. My birth mother was a single mom who had "baby fever" I have 7 siblings and she ABANDONED us all. One after the next after the next. We were cute until we weren't infants anymore. Enjoy and be grateful for what you've got going on now.

  • Krista Marie

    Krista Marie

    2020-01-14 13:41:02

    shes right^ i got pregnant at 20 by a real pos, i waited 8 years before my second. timing is everything. you have your whole life ahead of you. wait and find the right guy, and be able to work on a career path to help secure you amd your sons future.

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